My Return From Vancouver Island B.C.

Sometimes it is necessary to get away, to escape the regular, to release from daily habit, but if one does “get away” it is always important to return. I just spent six weeks on Vancouver Island. I had a great time doing yoga, meeting artists, and defragging my mind. I read books, took long walks, and spent a lot of time and money in cafes. Now I’m back, refreshed and ready to start working again. I have the opportunity to look at what getting “back to life” means to me.

First I spent some time breathing, it is important for me to breathe into my body, and breathe into the space around me. Many things have changed. In some ways both Portland and Nanaimo feel equally foreign and homey to me. After unpacking a bit I began plugging back in, I turned on the computer, updated, scanned, and signed on.

For me, eating right is a big part of self care and routine, so I walked to the store, bought a bunch of fruits and vegetables, some almond milk, and made a smoothie. Each step is part of a fluid moment that is familiar and methodical, in which I take time to reflect. I want to do it right this time, I want to stay on top of things and not let responsibility overwhelm me. I want to have patience for my family and friends. As I am the creator of my reality, I have the power to manifest each desire.

Soon I will turn these efforts to the place I find daunting, the workshop. That is where plugging in and getting things going again will be a real effort for me. I need to build and design and think and be creative.  Specifically my next step is to build an enclosure for my routing table and incorporate the new vacuum I purchased so I have a dust collection system. I need to clear floor space in my workshop so I can set up more equipment, and for the Holidays my plan is to make tree ornaments and holiday themed pieces for friends and family.

Let me know how you “get back to life” in the comments.