Holiday Surprises

The nature of holidays dictate an element of unknown, I think most people are aware of this and find joy in the mystery. This week I have been blessed to spend time with friends and family, eat good food, and work on my art. As a young, growing business I have many things on my plate at once. At times I feel like I have a strong grasp on my current state of being and I am prepared for the next step but that element of unknown can really throw a wrench in the works.

Thus far, the majority of my work has involved cutting along 2-D vectors. I really enjoy doing this kind of work, it has a quick turn around. On the other hand I do find it bland and overly simplistic when I think of my artistic vision and my advanced skill sets. Keeping with the theme of taking new steps I began experimenting with 3-D carving. There are many challenges with cutting 3-D contours, which is why I have been hesitant to move in that direction. This week I thought to myself “Why not? I’ll try it out!” I made my design, I set up the table and turned on the router. Now I want to take a moment to share that my router has been making loud popping noises and sparking when I turn it on for a little more then a week now. I haven’t put much thought into the matter because this only happens briefly while it is getting up to speed and there doesn’t seem to be any other performance issues. So I turned on and it popped and sputtered like usual and I started the piece and left for a bit. When I came back the router was no longer running despite being on. I tested the power strip and it was fine, I vacuumed out the router as best I could and that made no improvements. Then I disassembled the housing and started blowing out the innards with compressed air. Still nothing. So I unscrewed every screw and kept blowing it all out. I have never owned a router before and I was in that curious/panicky state that made me have no desire to slow down and do some research. Finally I conclude I have done all I can at this point so I decide to try the power switch again. Well, it turned on briefly and shot blue sparks out and then stopped working completely. After that I gave up and declared it dead and began to clean up. When I went to turn on my vacuum it too was dead. Now I was really panicked but I quickly figure I popped the breaker and after checking the box, sure enough that is what happened. I was done for the night. The next day I decided to take it a bit slower, I tried doing some research about cleaning the router and didn’t find much. I even resorted to trying the Hitachi manual book but I couldn’t find where I had put it last. Upon inspecting the housing I saw a scorch mark that lead me to believe that there was a short when I turned it on the night before. I started screwing everything back in and getting the innards back in place, after everything was in decent order I turned it on and was relived to see that it was running and there were no sparks! The next hour was consumed by trying to close everything up. The exact order of wires and where they want was an enigma of brightly colored spaghetti and I had to take the thing apart about eight times over. Good news, it is not perfect, but it is together and it works. My next mission is to build a dust collection system so this doesn’t happen again.

The second bit of unexpectedness that happened this week was being gifted my new logo. It was designed by CandyApple Creative Arts. I have been needing a logo since inception and I had a vague idea of what I wanted. While spending time on Vancouver Island I had a vision of a tree growing with the lettters “U” and “P” forming in the branches and the “U” having an arrow growing from its left arm. Then the words “Wood Working” along the bottom. I intended the image to create the idea that what I make is “upcycled” an nature friendly. After working with CandyApple the designer gave me this:

First Draft Logos


I liked the art and I plan to turn it into some carvings but it wasn’t the classic logo iconography I was looking for. After some back and forth we came to what you see now and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Over the next few days I plan to continue cutting my 3-D reliefs, finish my light box and some other cool things I will reveal in next week’s blog!

Do you like the new logo? Let me know what you think in the comments!