About the Artist

Trevor Ruhl comes from a manufacturing background with a specialty in CAD/CAM software. Often inspired by urban street art as well as nature, his message is in the medium, using reclaimed materials discarded from the abundant side of society and remade into beautiful carvings with visuals ranging from pop culture to indigenous culture. After spending time with several pacific coast first nations people from Oregon to Alaska, Ruhl found himself in pursuit of his own culture and a desire to build community through art. Ruhl started Up Wood Working in 2014. In addition to his contribution to Up Wood working, Ruhl is currently writing a book chronicling his journey from foster child to foster parent, his time with aboriginal peoples and his path to find his own culture and a father he has never known. Ruhl lives in Portland Oregon To Contact him for commission work or questions email him at: trevorruhl@upwoodworking.com